NOAA Graphical Forecast
A clickable map of the 7 day forecast showing temps and probability of precipitation over the SF and Monterey Bay areas with graduated color zones.

Standard Forecast
Mostly textual with hazardous weather outlooks.

NOAA Forecast Discussion Updated every six hours or so, a detailed, graphics free analysis of the current forecast by NOAA staff. Written in all caps in the finest meteorologist-speak, includes limited hyperlinks to a glossary of terms for civilians.


Java based loops of cloud patterns above Central California. The links for these images seems to have disappeared from the NOAA website, but the info still updates regularly.

Daytime Anytime

Infrared, so visible at night.


Animated loop over the Monterey Bay of rainfall (or lack thereof) for the next hour or so. Not actually useful at the event unless you've got a fast smartphone with java, but helpful if you're trying to paint the house between squalls.

Bonny doon rainfall totals: